South Africa attracts more international hunters annually than any other country in Africa.

South Africa is the continent’s most popular hunting destination. The abundance of species on offer, the wide range of hunting experiences, overall affordability and excellent infrastructure all contribute to a world-class hunting destination in Africa. From chasing a lion across the pristine sands of the Kalahari Desert to relaxing with a refreshing drink in the luxurious surroundings of a five-star safari, South Africa has the hunting experience available to make your dreams come true.

The main areas that we include in our South African Hunting packages are the Kalahari in the upper parts of the Northern Cape, the Eastern Cape and the areas of the eastern parts of the Free State and all our hunting takes place in low or high fenced properties all year around, and is also Malaria free areas. While some trophy animals can be located in many of these regions (more specifically the popular plains game species) each region has it’s distinct species, which makes South Africa the ideal environment to pursue your dream trophy animal.¬†Most preferred camps are easily accessible via all major airports in South Africa and contributes to the allure of choosing South Africa for your hunting safari. You can hunt in a completely wild area just a few hours from an International Airport, and be none the wiser that the bustling city is a stones throw away. Charter flights may be required to access more remote destinations.

Regional highlights

Eastern cape

The Eastern Cape offers an incredibly scenic hunting environment, with hunting camps in bucolic settings and unique species on offer to set the avid African hunter’s heart racing. Pursue rarer antelope species like the tiny blue duiker, the grey rhebok and red lechwe, or opt for a thrilling night time caracal hunt.


The eastern Free State is an area of open plains, framed by undulating mountains in the distance. This terrain is ideal for hunting South Africa’s wealth of plains game species, including black wildebeest, blesbok, springbok, red hartebeest and more. The hunting camps are celebrated for their countryside charm.


The Kalahari is our go-to location for lion hunting. This remote outpost of stark red sands and brilliant night skies is what African hunters dream about. Other exciting species available for hunting against this striking backdrop include gemsbok, giraffe, springbok and typical plains game fare like impala and blesbok.