WHAT makes us unique

Southern Africa Hunting is based in the beautiful country of South Africa. Our team has been providing high quality hunting safari’s for many years and our Professional Hunters have extensive experience in pursuing both the Big Five as well as the plains games of Southern Africa. Each member of our team is fully dedicated to making your African hunting safari a memorable journey.


The regions of South Africa where we provide our hunting safari’s is the Bushveld region, Lowveld in the northeastern parts of South Africa and the Free State, a plateau region located in the most central region of South Africa. Special request safaris can be made and are offered in Southern African countries like Zimbabwe and Namibia. Each region utilizes two centrally located hunting camps near the various concessions where hunting safaris are performed. The camps range from very comfortable to upscale and all modern facilities are always available. Meals are prepared to the highest standards and well-trained camp staff ensure your stay is with the upmost comfort in mind.

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The Southern Africa Hunting team always strives for professionalism.  Our team is composed of highly skilled individuals and professional hunters that are trained with the mindset that a positive hunting result and customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance. While your enjoyment during your hunting adventure is essential, we take the success of your hunting experience very seriously.


South African born (Hungarian) Istvan Bus is the perfect tour guide for all foreign clients. Having been raised in the African bush, and only recently returned to his native country of Hungary, Istvan knows the wonderful regions of Southern Africa all too well. Fluent in both English and Hungarian, his knowledge about the many diverse cultures will be welcomed by all during an accompanied hunting trip. Istvan is an avid hunter and fisherman himself (let us not forget to mention amateur golfer too) and his passion for the industry is evident when he is home, under the African sun. His enthusiasm and larger than life personality are truly enjoyed by all who he accompanies.

Professional Hunter William Phillips has been in the industry for more than 30 years and is a well respected PH within the hunting community.  William is a registered member of the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa and of the S.C.I. and brings with him a wealth of knowledge with not only game hunting, but bird hunting and fishing too. Together with his two sons, Leon & Shaun, both of which are also professional hunters, these gents are seasoned in all aspects of a hunting safari… from planning to ensuring your success out in the wild, putting your enjoyment first before all. 

Our professional staff contingent are available to discuss your unique needs at any time, so feel free to get in touch and let’s start planning your hunting tour!


Southern Africa Hunting operates in most parts of Southern Africa and has a broad knowledge of the regions and the animals available in each of these regions. Whether you are looking to hunt specific trophy animals or looking to add to your collection of plains game specimen, our team is ready to provide you with an adrenaline pumping adventure that won’t be forgotten soon.